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Environmental Health Risk Assessment (Analisis Risiko Kesehatan Lingkungan) – KML58030

20 February 2008

This lecture discusses basic principles, methods and techniques to assess human health risks form exposures to environmental contaminants or pollutants. In addition to health risk characterization, students exercise to fomulate health risk management options based on simulating scenarios by manipulating daily intake to be the same as corresponding reference dose for nonconcarcinogenic effects or slope factor for carcinogenic effects. The students are also encourage to apply EHRA for environmental health legislation and regulation.

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Life Cycle Assessment

15 February 2008

This article describes an example of LCA application in eco-industry as one of System Tools to support Industrial Ecvology. Please click LCA for detail.


14 February 2008

CCS adalah metoda untuk mangkap CO2 emisi industri. Info lengkap klik:CCS

Industrial Health (Kesehatan Lingkungan Industri) – KML48006

14 February 2008

This lecture provides theoretical understanding and practical knowledge to anticipate, recognize, evaluation and control physical, chemical, biological, and ergonomic factors in industry that might be influencing health or productivity including discomfort and inefficiency.

Mata ajaran ini memberikan pemahaman teoretis dan pengetahuan praktis untuk mengantisipasi, mengenal, menilai dan mengendalikan faktor-faktor fisik, kimia, biologis dan ergonomi di lingkungan industri yang dapat mempengaruhi kesehatan atau produktivitas termasuk ketidaknyamanan dan inefisiensi. Bahan kuliah (Lecture Note) klik